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How Revolutions Within Europe Over A 500 Year Period

In his book, Charles Tilly seeks to determine the circumstances surrounding revolutions within Europe over a 500-year period. Tilly begins by defining revolution and then presents his hypothesis that revolutions stem from the state’s actions. According to the author, a revolution consists of two parts, each broken into smaller parts of their own: a revolutionary situation and a revolutionary outcome. A revolutionary situation will consist of three qualifiers. First, a group, or coalition of groups, puts forward a claim to control of the state. The group coming forward must have a claim that cannot coexist with the current regime. This qualifier rules out issues between groups such as political parties that are able to coexist with each other under a basic framework for government. Second, a substantial amount of citizens must give the group support. If a group steps forward without support from the citizens then the power for that group to enact change is handicapped. Third, the rulers must be either unable or unwilling to silence the group. The rulers usually face this situation when their military power has weakened or been spread too thin, giving this definition of revolution a realist edge. Revolutionary outcomes consist of four parts. Members of either side defecting to the other would be considered a revolutionary outcome as it would swing state control into the favor of the group receiving the defectors. In addition, either the group coming forward canShow MoreRelatedThe Early Modern Atlantic Economy Edited by J. McCusker and K. Morgan1368 Words   |  6 Pagesthat Brazil and the Caribbean experienced a sugar revolution while on the other hand another group argues that there was no such thing as a sugar revolution, what Brazil and Caribbean experienced was simply a sugar boom. In order to assess which group of historians is more accurate, one must first understand the concept of a sugar revolution and what factors must be present in order for a sugar revolution to occur. The concept of a sugar revolution is one that states there was a drastic change fromRead MoreEnlightment: The Age of Reasoning919 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason, was a period of great intellectual ferment that stirred up scientific discoveries and new belief systems which shifted paradigms in Europe. It was a logical continuation following on the heels of the Renaissance that saw a revival in the arts. During the Enlightenment, knowledge was created through explorations both geographical and scientific, and subsequently dispersed via a print revolution. A virtuous cycle was formed when enhanced accessibilityRead MoreEffects Of New Global Era On The World1283 Words   |  6 Pagespast 100 years, the world has shifted enormously. Once, a world that only communicated when one nation was trying to take over another, is now connected more than ever. This transformation began with the Industrial Revolution in a period from around 1760 to 1840. Thinking back to that time, we can easily think of noticeable differences between how the world was and how it is today. The United States was a small, developing country, still trying to overcome the effects of a costly revolution. AcrossRead MoreEuropean Nations that Were Formed Due to Nationalist Ideas1643 Words   |  7 Pagesin Europe were not always the way they are today. Before about the middle of the nineteenth century Europe consisted o f various regions ruled by dynastic empires. These monarchies had absolute power over their subjects and there was no sense of nationalism or the idea of betterment of the general population. Various social and technological changes helped pave the way for ideas of nationalism. Although the idea of the creation of the nation state began with the advent of the French Revolution butRead MoreThe Little Ice Age and Climate Change Today Essay1296 Words   |  6 PagesChange Today Roland Ward ES117-2A-77: Natural Disasters 8 December 2012 Keith Earnshaw Abstract The little ice age gave us a glimpse as to how climate change can affect our society. This is especially important today as we stand on the brink of another environmental catastrophe. The acceleration of greenhouse gas output has irrevocably changed how mankind affects the environment. The lessons that we can learn from studying the little ice age may lead us to understanding what we can do stopRead MoreSocial Entrepreneurship And The Rural Sector1278 Words   |  6 Pageslevels of income across regions. In order to overcome this problem of disparity Social Entrepreneurship is one of solution to this. This study focuses on the importance of rural sector to the GDP of Indian Economy, presence of Regional Disparity and how social entrepreneurship can become a means to overcome this problem. Keywords: Rural Sector its revival, Regional Disparity, Social Entrepreneurship It is an accepted factor that rural sector forms one of the pillars to the overall economic developmentRead MoreThe Start of Americas Industrial Revolution Essay1748 Words   |  7 PagesThe Industrial Revolution did not start simultaneously around the world, but began in the most highly civilized and educated country in Western Europe – England. An empire like Great Britain was able to prevent the flow of new technology and experienced technicians to its colonies even while new machinery, like the spinning shuttle and the spinning jenny, was being used to develop textile manufacturing at home in England. The British Parliament was able to control its territories through laws andRead MoreSlavery as the Cause of the American Civil War Essay1733 Words   |  7 PagesThe American Civil War was the bloodiest military conflict in American history leaving over 500 thousand dead and over 300 thousand wounded (Roark 543-543). One might ask, what caused such internal tension within the most powerful nation in the world? During the nineteenth century, America was an infant nation, but toppling the entire world with its social, political, and economic innovations. In addition, immigrants were migrating from their native land to live the American dream (Roark 405-407)Read MoreDBQ for AP US History Essay2093 Words   |  9 Pageswould they have been forced to stay within the empire for protection against France? Would Detroit, St. Louis, and New Orleans now be cities in Canada rather than in the United States? Yes, they still would have become independent because no matter who controls North America, the colonies would still have felt the need to break away from Britain, it may not have been under the same circumstances or the same time period, but it would have still happened 3. How did the treatment of Americans byRead MoreColombia s Struggle With Domestic Guerilla Groups And Drug Cartels1489 Words   |  6 PagesFrom the Cold War to more recent struggles with domestic guerilla groups and drug cartels, Colombia has not had a time of peace since they became independent nearly 200 years ago. None of these conflicts have resolved peacefully. They were usually caused by difference in culture or beliefs. Corruption within their own government has left Colombia without legitimate authority; the citizens have nobody to trust, be helped by, or be defended by. Colombia has the potential to institute a stable and effective

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Essay about Oil and Texas A Cultural History - 1599 Words

Oil and Texas: A Cultural History Soon the 4-inch drill pipe†¦shot skyward. After the mud, water, and pipe were blown out, gas followed, but only for a short time. Then the well was very quiet. We ventured back, after our wild scramble for safety, to find things in a terrible mess...We started shoveling the mud away-when, without warning, a lot of heavy mud shot out of the well with the report of a cannon†¦In a very short time oil was going up through the top of the derricks, and rocks were being shot hundreds of feet into the air. Within a very few minutes, the oil was holding a steady flow at more than twice the height of the derrick†¦Ã¢â‚¬  —A. W. Hamill (one of the drillers at Spindletop) Houston Daily Post Texas tea, black gold, crude,†¦show more content†¦The discovery of oil at Spindletop triggered a flood of speculation in the surrounding areas, which led to several other significant discoveries, including: Sour Lake, Batson and Humble. Because of the excess of oil being found and refined, prices for oil dropped to three cents a barrel—a huge difference from the $107.94 a barrel today (Williams). Texas’ history with oil starts much earlier than the 1901 Spindletop gusher. As early as 1543, there were reports of natural oil seeps along the coast of Texas which was used as both medical treatments and caulking for boats by Spanish explorers (Wooster). In 1866, the first of Texas’ oil producing wells was drilled in Nacogdoches County, however the supply and profit was not high enough to justify further development. In 1895 in Corsicana, Texas there was a minor oil find that led to the creation of Texas’ first oil refinery in Nacogdoches, Texas. Another large oil find is the East Texas Oil Field which spans 140,000 acres and is considered to be the largest oil field in the United States (excluding Alaska); this oil field has produced over 5.2 billion barrels from its 30,340 historic and active oil wells (Smith). The Spindletop oil pool was what is known as a salt dome oil field. It was the first salt-dome oil discovery in Texas. A salt dome forms when masses of salt develop underground and are pushed up towards the surface by pressure in the earthShow MoreRelatedEssay on Oil in Texas1561 Words   |  7 PagesHow did the national demand for oil affect the local businesses in Texas, and how did Texas oil discoveries affect the national oil market? As the Texas oil industry grew, so did related industries. Some companies began producing oil by-products such as petrochemicals. Others produced pipelines, barrels, and oil-field equipment. As these companies began moving into oil towns such as Houston, Beaumont, and Port Arthur, they further expanded the local economies. Some moved into small towns, quicklyRead MoreShould Texans Have Sovereignty?1730 Words   |  7 PagesSovereignty? On November, 9th, 2012 a petition, containing 125,746 signatures, was submitted to the United States Federal Government asking if Texas could peacefully secede from the Union (Peacefully grant, 2012, p. 1). Some Texans claimed â€Å"Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect its citizens standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordanceRead MoreBiography of Dolph Briscoe, Governor of Texas From 1973 to 19791729 Words   |  7 Pagesgovernors of Texas. Dolph Briscoe was the governor of Texas from 1973 to 1979. Not only was he a governor, he was also one of the largest individual land owners in Texas history. This in a state known for huge ranches. His philanthropy has provided support to a wide range of educational, medical, scientific, and cultural institutions. In this paper I hope to provide a little insight in to how much this man has impacted the evolution of Texas. Dolph Briscoe Jr. was born in Uvalde, Texas in 1923Read MoreThe First Governor Of The Great State Of Texas, Jane1381 Words   |  6 Pagesthe great state of Texas, Jane â€Å"Bitzi† Johnson Miller. Bitzi is a proud native Texan born in Odessa, Texas and is the granddaughter of former Governor of Texas Joe â€Å"Big Daddy† Johnson. She grew up on her family s cattle ranch near Pecos, Texas. There she learned the value of a hard days work, that family comes first, a man is only as good as his word, and a firm handshake still goes a long way. After graduating from Pecos High School as Valedictorian Bitzi attended Texas Tech University wereRead MoreAn Oral Interview With Vanna Moore Essay1707 Words   |  7 PagesReflection Paper On September of 2016, I did an oral interview with Vanna Moore about her military past and Vanna’s ties to Texas. Over the whole interview, I asked her questions about her experience in Afghanistan and how it shaped her views of her state of Texas. Through her interview, Vanna touched on her feelings about Texas, the military, American culture, and life after military. At times, she seemed comfortable and at ease sharing her thoughts, and other moments seemed more difficult to getRead MoreExxon Mobil Corporation : An Energy Company Essay940 Words   |  4 PagesHeadquartered in Irving, Texas. Exxon Mobil Corporation is an energy company that explores for and produces crude oil and natural gas. As one of the largest manufacturers of petroleum products in the world, it transports and sells natural gas, crude oil, and oil products. Exxon is also a major manufacturer and marketer of commodity petrochemicals and a wide variety of specialty products. It also markets and refines che micals, and has interests in power generation facilities. The company operatesRead MoreHuman Culture Research Paper1669 Words   |  7 PagesThe journey of prehistoric human culture on the Texas coast begins with how hunting and gathering populations adapted to the opportunities and limitations of their shoreline and nearby prairie environments. All the while using limited technology strengthened by first-hand knowledge about the location and seasonal availability of important subsistence resources within their homeland. Before my bioregion is explored, its best that I depict the history of the state that I live that spreads across theRead MoreThe History Of Politics In Texas1179 Words   |  5 Pagesand distinctive history of politics, and, more often than not, a brief understanding of the cultural changes that occurred throughout the years. Texas has one of the most interesting shifts: an almost clean-cut shift from a Democratic, or ‘blue’, state, to a Republican, o r ‘red’, state, after nearly 100 years of Democratic dominance. This is comparable to the state of Virginia, which also saw Republican representation after Democratic dominance for nearly 50 years. However, where Texas remains mainlyRead MorePersonal Cultural Family Model. To Acknowledge And Understand1230 Words   |  5 PagesPersonal Cultural Family Model To acknowledge and understand the diversity of childrearing beliefs and practices among families, we must first acknowledge and understand our own beliefs and practices. Children are very diverse people who have been raised a specific way and must understand that they are vastly different from others. It is important that â€Å"helping† professionals show their students compassion, support, and understand the many different family and cultural backgrounds. History It is believedRead MoreTexas Got It Right, Sam And Andrew Wyly1752 Words   |  8 PagesIn Texas Got It Right, Sam and Andrew Wyly explore why more businesses and citizens are migrating to the state of Texas. Throughout the book, the authors highlighted many historical figures that were forward thinking and, with their influence and position, made Texas a friendly, livable state and the number one place to move in the country. This paper will review Sam and Andrew Wyly’s explanation of why individuals and businesses relocated to Texas, which, in turn, made Texas an economic powerhouse

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No Name Woman By Maxine Hong Kingston, And Leftover Women...

Society has evolved much through time and has never settled; it keeps going as different minds and points of view change its direction. Through history, women have been the epitome of weak compared to men, since history started to be recorded women have claim to suffer from inequality and forced to follow expectations which represent the consequences of the disequilibrium between genders. Although it has become less evident through time, women still suffer from inequality and literature is evidence of it. Three good examples are Nervous Conditions by tsitsi dangarembga, No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston, and Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China. In each of these examples, an abused woman is hiding behind her reality but consequently, rebels to seek equality. In Nervous Conditions, Tambu s parents chose to send their male kid to school while she was ignored and forced to work to pay for her education, in No Name Woman Kingston s aunt had an adulterous affai r and, even worse, probably produced a female child from the sexual encounter, and in Leftover Women, the narrator walk the readers through the economic disbalance between genders in China. In the book Nervous conditions, Tambu is a girl determined to seek a better life through education but is surprised by her parent s decision of investing in their male kid only. There is much literature that protests the disadvantages of women living in a biased society that favors men, and this book is a

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Edema free essay sample

In most cases edema is due to heart failure, which is a condition in which the heart muscle has been damaged and can no longer pump adequate supply of oxygen to the rest of the body. This will increase the blood pressure which will cause fluid to build up in the lungs. If pulmonary edema continues, it can raise pressure in the pulmonary artery and eventually the right ventricle begins to fail. The right ventricle has a much thinner wall of muscle than does the left side because it is under less pressure to pump blood into the lungs. The increased pressure backs up into the right atrium and then into various parts of your body, where it can cause: Leg swelling (edema), abdominal swelling (ascites), buildup of fluid in the membranes that surround your lungs (pleural effusion), congestion and swelling of the liver. When not treated, acute pulmonary edema can be fatal. We will write a custom essay sample on Edema or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In some cases it may be fatal even if you receive treatment. This term paper will talk about the symptoms and treatment options for pulmonary edema. Pulmonary Edema Pulmonary edema is a condition caused by excess fluid in the lungs. This fluid collects in the numerous air sacs in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe. In most cases, heart problems cause pulmonary edema. Fluid can accumulate for other reasons, including pneumonia, exposure to certain toxins and medications, and exercising or living at high elevations. If a person is diagnosed with pulmonary edema, they should get immediate care right away. Although pulmonary edema can sometimes be fatal, the outlook improves when you receive prompt treatment for pulmonary edema along with treatment for the underlying problem. Treatment for pulmonary edema varies depending on the cause, but generally includes supplemental oxygen and medications. Some of the symptoms for pulmonary Edema are: * Having more shortness of breath than normal when youre physically active. * Difficulty breathing when youre lying flat as opposed to sitting up. * Wheezing. * Awakening at night with a breathless feeling that may be relieved by sitting up. * Rapid weight gain when pulmonary edema develops as a result of congestive heart failure, a condition in which your heart pumps too little blood to meet your bodys needs. The weight gain is from buildup of fluid in your body, especially in your legs. * Swelling in your legs and ankles. * Loss of appetite. * Fatigue. Cardiac pulmonary edema also known as congestive heart failure occurs when the diseased or overworked left ventricle isnt able to pump out enough of the blood it receives from your lungs. As a result, pressure increases inside the left atrium and then in the veins and capillaries in your lungs, causing fluid to be pushed through the capillary walls into the air sacs. Congestive heart failure can also occur when the right ventricle is unable to overcome increased pressure in the pulmonary artery, which usually results from left heart failure, chronic lung disease or high blood pressure in the pulmonary artery (pulmonary hypertension). Pulmonary edema can come from lung infections, such as pneumonia, the edema occurs only in the part of your lung thats swollen. Kidney disease plays a major factor. When your kidneys cant remove waste effectively, excess fluid can build up, causing verload pulmonary edema. Treatment for Pulmonary Edema: * Wear support stockings. These stockings, which can be purchased at most drug stores, put pressure on your legs and keep fluids from collecting in your legs and ankles. * Do not sit or stand for long periods of time without moving. * Ask your doctor about limiting your salt intake. * Your doctor might want you to take a water pill which helps rid your body of excess fluid through your urine. * Protect any swollen areas from additional pressure, injury, and extreme temperatures.

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Thomson Defense of Abortion free essay sample

In this paper I will discuss the relevance of J. J. Thomson’s argument in her article, A Defense of Abortion, to that of pregnancy reduction and if there is any relevance, if there are exceptions or situations where that might change. J. J. Thomson’s argument in A Defense of Abortion is that the one thing a person has rights to is his/her body and the right to control what happens with it. Thomson also states that there is an innate desire and need for self-preservation that we all have that must additionally be considered. To support her argument, Thomson uses the example of a violinist where an unconscious violinist would only stay alive if you were constantly attached to him to compensate for his fatal kidney ailment. She states, â€Å"If he is unplugged from you now, he will die: but in nine months he will have recovered from his ailment, and can safely be unplugged from you†. We will write a custom essay sample on Thomson Defense of Abortion or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Her premise is that a person’s right to life does not include the right to use another person’s body and so by unplugging the violinist you do not violate his right to life or deprive him of the use of your body – to which he has no right. Another example Thomson uses to make her argument is that opponents use that abortion is â€Å"directly killing a child† therefore killing an innocent person is morally wrong however, â€Å"letting a person die† as in the case of the mother’s life being at risk would not be directly killing them. Thomson supports that this does not give the mother’s life the same status as the unborn child’s life and ignores her natural tendency for self-preservation. In the article The Two Minus One Pregnancy, pregnancy reduction is explained as having a multiple child pregnancy reduced at least one child, meaning they actually decide to kill one of the babies while still in the mothers stomach, whether that be for health or other reasons. J. J. Thompson’s arguments can all be applied to the discussion of pregnancy reduction since they could all be from the same situations as a single pregnancy. Whether the pregnancy was by choice or not the argument of Thompson’s that an individual has sole rights to their body and no person or group should assert that they have more right over another person than that person has over their self. In pregnancy reduction the same arguments that Thomson uses would apply especially concerning her example of finding yourself trapped in a tiny house with a growing child in it and that you would be crushed to death but the child would not be crushed to death if allowed to continue growing. She concludes that it would not be a bystander’s decision to decide who lives or dies but that you have the right to attack to save your own life. This is pertinent because pregnancy reduction requires a medical procedure, therefore involves a third party, a bystander, that you are asking to help you in your own self defense and because multiple pregnancy is most often a higher risk to the mother as well as the child. She states that both parties are innocent here and â€Å"the person threatened† can interfere even if it requires a third party to assist her. What a third party might do in response to a woman’s request for an abortion could vary and they have that right however no third party should stop a woman from defending â€Å"her life against the threat to it posed by the unborn child even if doing so involves its death. Thomson goes on to say that the mother has more rights than the child because the â€Å"mother owns the house† and therefore more rights than a renter. One difference that would be the most obvious is that it seems highly unlikely that a person would seek an abortion if they went through the time and expense of attempting to become pregnant by means of artificial insemination or other means of medically intentionally becoming pregnant. Even with this significant difference, it could be argued that a person might desire to not have more than one child at a time even though they â€Å"intentionally† got pregnant. Therefore, Thompson’s arguments still apply in these cases. There is no difference morally on abortion of a singleton pregnancy or a multiple pregnancy that would apply with Thomson’s arguments because those that supported the belief that any abortion was killing would use the same argument for â€Å"killing† one fetus and keeping one. Additionally, those that supported the woman’s right to make decisions about her own body or health would still use those claims in a woman’s right to choose whether or not she had the right to a pregnancy reduction. In conclusion, Thomson’s argument, in A Defense of Abortion, that the one thing a person has rights to is his or her body and the right to control what happens with it and to fight for self-preservation would not change at all if those same arguments were applied to a pregnancy reduction situation.

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Marketing mix of a beer company

Marketing mix of a beer company Content PageIntroduction 2Task11.0 The marketing mix on the Black Sheep Brewery 21.1 Product 21.2 Promotion 4s are common law and Islamic law. These legal systems concern the pricing of products, import/ export limitations, types of advertising and product safety. For an example, In United States, every state has its own laws. The Black Sheep Brewery should be aware of the laws where they are marketing.3c EconomicPaliwoda suggests that "Macro-environment is created when trade and transactions take place across, rather than within, national frontiers; but it is important to note that there may well be greater economic environmental differences between different parts of the same country than between countries belonging to the same geographical region." in his book, "International Marketing". This means a single country may have different economic level. For an example, in some rural part of China is suffering from poverty, whereas in some parts of China, such as Hong Kong is to be con sidered as one of the richest cities in East Asia. Other factors to be aware of are, currencies used, where some countries may have weak currencies due to inflation or recession, also the kind if payment, some countries such as Columbia may pay by coffee beans. Secondly, the general economy, which can be determine by the average income of the public.3d PoliticalPolitics is a very important factor, it can either bring trading partners together or tear them apart. Government policies and attitudes towards imports are different around the globe. Some may set up trade barriers such as high tariffs, high import tax, in order to protect their own brands/ economy, or due to some tensions between countries. On the other hand, some may lower the import restrictions by setting up trade agreements between countries to minimise trade tariffs in bilateral trade exchanges, or to create job opportunities for their public. The Black Sheep Brewery should also be aware of the stability of the host co untry's regimes, also the level of government control of company assets.3e TechnologicalThis factor concerns the technological level of a country, such as the existing facilities and infrastructure; some countries may be more "high tech" than the others. Also the labour skills and training, some countries may have highly skilled labours, some may not. There may be a huge cost of new technology; also some government policies such as green issues may limit the use of some technologies.3f CompetitorsSince The Black Sheep Brewery is not the only company around the globe that supply beer there are various alternatives for consumers to choose from. Competitors such as Budweiser and Stella may have taken at least 90% of the consumers in some countries. Marketers should consider whether it is worthwhile to enter such countries.In marketing audit, SWOT analysis suggests that companies should minimise their weaknesses/ threats, and turn them into companies' strengths/ opportunities. When ente ring new country markets, there are weaknesses/ threats exist within and outside the company. These are the lacking of time, lacking of internal/ external knowledge and risks of competitors. By using methods of entry such as acquisition or merger can often minimise the weaknesses/ threats and turn them into possible strengths/ opportunities within and outside the company.

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Should my profession get license Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Should my profession get license - Essay Example Hence, this is a high responsibility job. Therefore, should healthcare administration professionals get license? According to me, healthcare administration must be viewed as a managerial job equivalent to a managerial position in any other industry. Healthcare administration degree must be treated equivalent to a MBA degree. Yes, healthcare industry is dynamic and also sensitive due to its nature. But, healthcare administrators will not make an impact as that of a medical professional like a doctor or a nurse. Hence, a license must not be required to become a healthcare administration professional. A healthcare professional must have understanding of the law. Healthcare administrator with good understanding of the law will not only be able to protect himself but also their employers and even the patients (Gassiot et al., 2010). They must be tested to ensure that they are competent of doing the job and can handle the responsibility, But a license should not be mandatory to become a healthcare